Natural Sleep Aids- Forget Sleeplessness For Ever

Sleep is one important thing that man can’t avoid in his life.If you lose a days sleep,you will feel the tiredness throughout the day.But then,There are thousands of people around the world who are unable to take rest properly at night, no matter how hard they try to.Such people take so many medications and pills to induce sleep in them.This blog deals with Natural sleeping aids that help you to sleep without using any artificial medications.

There are various natural sleep aids that help in achieving a natural rest at night. This is especially for the people who are suffering from insomnia and other sleepless illnesses. There are various natural foods and herbal remedies that may help. If the person is suffering from any of the sleepless illnesses, then the chance of getting heart disease and cancer is higher. A recent survey report says that almost 10% of the people of the entire population are chronically sleep deprived. There are various medications available in the pharmacies that promote the sleep. But taking these artificial pills will make us addict and will also cause certain side effects. Thus it is always better to go for the safer side. There are many foods, drinks, herbs and other natural sleep aids which will help you to rest better and comfortably. Here are some among them.


Melatonin is the main compound that is responsible for the sleep. This is available in larger quantities in the cherries. Since all cherries are naturally high in melatonin, you can try eating a cup as a snack before it’s time for shut-eye if you’d rather not drink the juice. To achieve better results, you can take it regularly and you can surely experience a better sleep within 2 weeks of time.


There are some fishes and certain other sea creatures that also help. These fish contains the sleep inducing compounds such as tryptophan, shrimp, cod, tuna, and halibut. Not all the fishes are good for sleep, as many of the fishes are high in contaminants. The fishes like pacific cod from Alaska or pole- caught Albacore tuna from U.S and in the British Colombia are rich in the components that induce the sleep.

Carb/ Protein combo:

If you find it difficult, in getting the fresh fishes which are good for health and rest, you can try this alternative. Most of the people know that milk will help us in sleeping better. This is because milk contains the sleep inducing component named as tryptophan. If this protein containing tryptophan component is mixed with the carbs, then it will provide effective results. You can combine a cup of whole grain cereal with the organic milk before you go to sleep. This will provide better results sooner.

Lemon balm:

This comes under the mint family. This component which is lemon scented has been proven to be more effective sleep inducing component for all ages. This lemon balm also helps in increasing the digestion and also decreasing the agitation. You can prepare this lemon balm by taking 1-2 tea spoons of dried herbs in a cup containing hot water for nearly 5-10 minutes.  If you take thyroid medication, you have to consult a doctor and should reduce the dosage of the medication.

Other herbs:

There are also various other herbs that helps in inducing the sleep. Sage is one of the natural herbs that are proven to be more effective. Chamomile tea and valerian teas are other rest inducers. These herbs are available pre-bagged in natural food stores globally.

Being the Homepage,we have only listed very few natural sleeping aids here. But we have so many other useful foods and helpers in this blog. Just browse through and get rid of your sleeping problem for ever.If you know an effective natural sleeping aid, Do inform us, so that we will update it in the site after a analysis.

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